Monday, September 2, 2013

Crap I thought we all knew. .

This post is classified.   Maybe not.  A conversation with my mother sent me down an ADD rabbit trail that led to this.   A very important question: Am I the only one who just assumed the government was listening in on her phone calls? 

No, really.   Even before the Patriot Act I assumed they could and hoped that if they were listening they were bored to tears or confused as hell.   Then 9-11 and the Patriot Act happened.  I didn't like it,  still think it's unconstitutional,  but after that I knew they could and it was sort of legal.   Not  really legal but legal enough that I can't do anything about it.

I remember it all coming out during the Bush administration but one incident sticks out.  I knew a guy who worked in Air Force intelligence.   If you were talking about anything remotely weird he wouldn't discuss it on the phone at all.  You had to meet him somewhere.   Crazy?   A little but not because of that.

With military guys who seem paranoid there's two types.  PTSD paranoid and I know what's actually going on paranoid.   Sometimes it's a little of both but Sunshine hadn't been deployed at that point so this was the latter. 

I know this is heightening your suspicions but here's one thing I've figured out about mass surveillance.   If they're listening to that many people's dinner plans unless you're talking about something screwy they simply don't have time to give a shit and actually listen. 

I just told you that Big Brother is watching but doesn't give a damn.  

The real question is why did everyone forget about it until Edward Snowden 'leaked' it? 

Have you asked that lately?  

Mr. President,  if you're reading this,  please pick up some milk on the way to Enid.  I didn't get to it today. 

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