About me

Free range crazy lady who writes about baking, dieting, and religion from the perspective of a whacky Episcopalian liberal Okie democrat with an oddly traditional perspective on living. 

Free range: I am unattached.  No kids.  I have come to the conclusion this makes me less restricted than my child bearing friends.  I do, however, take care of my goddaughter on a regular basis.  I consider it my way of paying for my own raising. 

Crazy:  This blog is exhibit A.  If you must know, I am also a religious mystic and I believe I don't just talk to God... he talks back.   Don't worry, he hasn't told me to kill my neighbor's dog, vote Republican (or Democrat), or sacrifice an animal yet.   I am on medication but not for this.  

 Whacky Episcopalian: I am assuming you're saying Episco-what right about now and trying to figure out how to pronounce that unless you are one.  We're fun.  American version of the Church of England.  All of the catholic, half the guilt.   Plus you can believe in dinosaurs.  

Liberal Okie:  I live in the reddest state in the nation.  I am a liberal. I am a born and bred Okie.  Seriously.   They go together. We exist.  We are not unicorns. 

Oddly traditional perspective on living: I bake bread from scratch.  I have never nor do I intend to live with a straight man I am not related to or married to.  I do not believe in working to support a car.   I believe in treating other people the way I wanted to be treated---sometimes better.   I also believe these qualities are not as rare as people make them out to be.

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  1. I just discovered you by accident. I have two blogs, Woodstock Churchlady (religion, humor) and Meet the McDonalds (a fiction family sitcom with an Episcopalian twist). I have a post about the Pharisee and the tax collector also, which basically says yes, I am as big a sinner as everyone else, but I am thankful that my sin is not being a drug dealer, where I'd have to stand on the corner making deals in all kinds of weather, worry about getting killed, and sometimes feeling guilty about destroying lives.