About my recipes

Most of the recipes I have in my blog posts are either my own or variations of other people's.  I will cite a source if they don't belong to me, either by mentioning where I got the recipe (Mom, Mom's 4H club as a child, neighbor, friend) or via a link.   Feel absolutely free to use them as you wish. 

In my own kitchen, I use a gas stove, a kitchen aid stand mixer circa 1985, and a lot of vintage bake ware I inherited from my grandmothers.   My mother also spoils me horribly and buys me bake ware I would never buy for myself.  You can cook well on a budget.  You can do this without fancy equipment and you can use generic foods and have it work out.   It's just not that hard.  It takes practice, but there's only one way to get that, isn't there?

I've learned a lot about bread baking from nice ladies who put tips on the internet.  I'm trying to help other people learn to do the same.


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