Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Zeal Wellness Smoothie (Or how a single girl gets FRUIT in her diet)

I used to complain that when I bought fresh produce, it would rot before I got a chance to eat it.     Okay, I still complain about that.  I HATE throwing food away.     It reminds me that I live all by my lonesome and it's wasteful too.   A few weeks ago I ran across a ridiculously good sale on produce at Aldi's.   I'll just tell you a secret about Aldi's that's not really a secret:  The produce is not refrigerated.   They also aren't too careful about expiration dates.  Don't get me wrong, you can find some really cool deals there, and I do, but you have to be careful.   The other thing you have to do is eat the produce right away because that stuff is going to go bad.   Quickly.

So I bought two pounds of strawberries ($1), a pineapple ($1), and three pounds of oranges ($2) and took it home with me.    Once there I figured out that I needed to freeze that stuff or it was going to go bad.   I am not a fruit bat.  I like fruit but I don't eat it by the gallon or anything.    I've been doing Zeal for Life Wellness and I'd read you can make a smoothie out of that stuff, so I cut up all that fruit and froze it.  In bags.

I have a solution now to my rotten produce problem.   I also have a 200 calorie way to get my fruit in and take my Zeal.   With about 6 grams of fiber give or take a few because of the way the fruit in question varies.  I can't be the only single girl who struggles with getting enough fruit in her diet.  Or having to throw it away.  Or having a hard time not eating out.   So I'm going to share.   I have pictures.


This week's fruit selection: 

So my my, Leslie, what did you put in this thing?    Funny you should ask, I have more pictures.  To answer your question though, about 1/2 cup yogurt (greek or regular lowfat), one scoop of Zeal, 1/2 Jumex Mango (That webpage is in Spanish because it is Mexican juice.) nectar and a flattened quart sized bag of mixed fruit.


The finished product:   

And yes, it is yummy.  Yes, you can do it.

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