Saturday, May 11, 2013

All Purpose Cleaner

I'm falling in love with borax.  Made All Purpose Cleaner last night (modified a recipe found online) and added essential oil (rose) to it for scent and used it this morning.   It smells LOVELY.  I used it in Bissell Quick Steamer last night on the carpets last night and they smell better and have less stains this morning.  House smells great, and I'm in love.   I don't think I'm ever going to use 409 again.  (I noticed it was bothering my lungs when I was using it last weekend.  I am sick.  Sinus infection.   This stuff didn't bother me at all and it works.)

Here's the recipe: 

2 C hot water
1 T Baking soda
2 T Borax
1 T Lemon juice
2 drops essential oil

Mix it up, pour it into your spray bottle and use the rest for for your quick steamer.  :)

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