Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Shoes and Ships and Boiling Wax.....

If you're wondering what bored broke girls do for fun on a dark and stormy night, I'll tell you.   We make homemade scentsy  wax cubes to put in our wax warmer jars.  It was either that or watch reruns on tv and I was tired of sitting.
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assembled candle corpse
The first step is to find a way to destroy an old candle.  I like to use my electric screw driver with the twist bit attached.  I punch a ton of holes in it until it comes apart  After you destroy the candle, or maybe before, you need to find something to melt the wax in.   I sacrificed an old corning ware dish.  Corningware French White 10-Pc. Bakeware Set (Google Affiliate Ad) I say sacrificed because while it's possible in theory to get the wax residue off of it, I don't see it happening.  The stuff is going to get really hot though, so make sure you don't use a crappy dish/pan that doesn't handle heat well.

Candle corpse on the burner
 Put it on the stove and melt that stuff.  I start it out on low and then lose my mind and kick it up a notch.  Bear in mind, I have no children harrassing me so I can stand there and poke it with a straw to make sure it doesn't get too hot uninterupted.  Why a straw? I can throw it away.  Did I mention I don't think I can get rid of the wax residue?

Wax prisons
Poke it with a stick
 While this stuff is cooking, prepare your prisons for wax.  Line the surface you will pour over with aluminum foil and align your vessels. Again, things you never intend to to touch food with again.

Two L's fighting each other

Mmm waxy
This doesn't actually take long.
When it's all disolved, pour it into your ice tray and other vessell if desired and allow to cool.

Stinky ice cubes. Stinky good
 If you don't want absolutely huge wax cubes (say you have a small wax heater) you may want to tilt the tray up and let the wax run down like you would making ice.

Honey comb

Place the finished product in your warmer and enjoy. 

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