Friday, June 14, 2013

Taking a moment to pick on the French Bigots....

I just finished watching the Daily Show and it turns out I should watch more Tv news.  Why?  I missed the gayest anti gay protests EVER! 

  This shot could have EASILY been taken at a gay pride parade with a bunch of OSU fans in it.  If OSU had a float....

Then the parade of, again, shirtless French guys in colored denim showing us (with covered faces because they're closeted?) how wrong the gayness is.

Not to embarass my dad, but I remember in the 90's, he wouldn't wear shorts on vacation without much prompting from my mother and I because he didn't want to look gay...  

He's since gone shorted without fearing for anyone mistaking him for being anything other than a straight guy.   Somehow I think colored denim with belts and no shirts would cross a line though.

  This asshole looks like he's trying out for Circe De Soile.

Reminiscent of one of my college friends drunk with two sparklers in each hand singing "You're a Grand Old Flag"....  He's pretty gay.

The more I hear about France in recent years, the less I like them.   I have figured one thing out though, years ago, if something hairy is going down in France, get out of Paris.  Because they burn their capital first, and that's always where hell breaks loose.   Always. I'm convinced there's a portal in the catacombs.

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