Thursday, August 22, 2013

Please sir, stay out of my drawers

Have you ever noticed that some people seem more interested in your sex life than you are?   

I've recently come to the conclusion that "conservatives" want to get into my pants.    They want women to explain why they need birth control,  why they want abortions, why they think they're people,  why they should be in the room with me and my doctor when we talk about how my last period went.    Pardon me, but get the hell out of my bedroom.    I was going to preface this by saying I don't think abortion is a great idea for birth control and that it's horrible but it should be rare, legal and safe.  I was.   Then I realized it's nobody's business.    Nobody's.  

If I have the misfortune to be pregnant and have my baby die in utero,  it's no one's business why I need a d&c.  Please and thank you.   Screw off.  I have a right to decide what is or isn't in my body.   If I'm a horrible person who just doesn't want to get fat,  so what?   It's murder?   Baby,  and I mean Baby,  I believe in a benevolent God and there are far worse things than dying.   It doesn't make it a good idea to let politicians into the exam room refereeing between me and my doctor.   Or anyone else.  

If you want to reduce abortion,  reduce poverty.   Increase access to health care.   Build strong communities.   Don't legislate something that shouldn't be very personal tragedies and medical decisions that aren't yours to make.

*this post written by a woman who has never been pregnant but whose friends and family have suffered pregnancy losses that would be subject to ridiculous scrutiny under jackass legislation proposed by people without uteri. 

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