Tuesday, December 10, 2013

"My Story" or what I told Jim Inhofe when he was stupid enough to ask for my opinion.

Recently, I clicked on this link.   Jim Inhofe wanted my 'story' on the Affordable Care act.   This is what I told him.  

I want to know why you didn't say anything here about the end of Insure Oklahoma and the refusal of our state to expand Medicaid?  Mr. Inhofe, those two things are hurting Oklahoma and its poor more than anything the Affordable Care Act is doing.  If we still had access to Insure Oklahoma (I was on the program up until August when my company merged with another insurance agency.) then Oklahomans who were on it wouldn't be half as stressed out about health care in the coming year.  That program, which I understand was part of medicaid, allowed me to continue working at our agency instead of seeking employment with a larger company that could put me on a group plan.  I am glad it was there because I really like my job and otherwise the lack of healthcare being affordable for my employer would have forced me to leave her.  Actually, it was the pre-existing conditions of several of my coworkers that drove our group rates up, making a group plan unfeasible for our little office.  Another plus for the Affordable Care Act?
I hope you and other law makers will encourage our governor, who has convinced me she is a moral idiot by her refusal to take OUR tax dollars to expand medicaid for OUR people, to do the right thing. I know it's not easy and I know you and I have disagreed about *some* issues over the years, but you aren't seeking reelection and are therefore "free" to do what you should have done for your entire career and do the right thing instead of the politically expedient thing.
One irritated Okie,
Leslie Terrell.  

Please note that I was polite.  I'm never polite when it comes to these two (Inhofe and Fallin) and the meanest thing I called her was a moral idiot.  Ya'll should be damn proud of your Leslie.

It took a lot for me not admit I am mortally ashamed of him every time he makes the news.

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