Monday, January 6, 2014

My take on whether you should vaccinate your children...

As posted in a rant following an article on my cousin in law's facebook page. 

Personally, I would talk to my child's doctor. ...someone who went to MEDICAL SCHOOL and knows about this stuff not moms on the internet who never took organic chemistry or went to MEDICAL SCHOOL and are tripping balls because of a rumor started by a discredited medical study done a doctor who should be in PRISON if he's not already there for creating a health crisis. 

The normal use to be that's a lot of children died in childhood. Then along came the 20th century and because of something called science they stop dying so much. Now because kids don't die so much people are getting careless. I truly hope that more people will read history and figure out that these childhood diseases are something to be scared of .

Leslie Terrell Oh and shots but not as bad measles... or mumps or whooping cough. Whooping cough KILLS babies. There is a reason people say the good die young. used to happen more and they were consoling themselves. Ever wonder why Jews wait 8 days to name babies? A lot of them didn't used to live past that

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  1. Yay! Another advocate for actually learning from history. I remember in school when kids would ask "Why do we have to study [insert subject here]?" The history teacher had the best answer: "So we don't repeat it." And then every history teacher I had would, each time history was in fact repeating itself, try to desperately make the point to the students in the room that history was repeating itself and people were suffering, etc. History is an amazing thing if people pay attention to it. When I hear politicians saying we should try this or that and I think to myself that their idea sounds familiar, I go to history and find that, indeed, there is examples of this or that idea they are proposing and all the consequences that occurred which is why the arc of history had us stop that idea and change to something else. Maybe vaccines aren't perfect, but they're thousands of times better that no vaccines at all. We used to be able to agree on this because the people alive were able to remember a time (history) when the vaccines didn't exist. Maybe we think that our great grandparents and grandparents were crazy or that we're somehow more intelligent....but how much more intelligent does it make us if we aren't willing to do the historical research on what life was like before the vaccines and then still argue that that was better than now?!