Friday, March 28, 2014

94% of you...

Will try to make me guilty for something stupid on Facebook.   You will post a dumbass meme telling me to like for "Jesus" and keep scrolling to align myself with Satan.

Seriously?  94% of your friends don't care about breast cancer?  Aids? Dying babies in Africa?  Is Bill Gates really going to donate money because you clicked like on something?

Am I going to hell for ignoring the stupid?

Give me a break.  Here's the thing:  Yes, my dad is a hard working man.  No, I do not need to share a meme to prove it.  Yes, I was spanked as a child and I survived and do not hate my parents.  I do not need to share a meme to prove it.  I do love Jesus.  God blesses me every day he lets me live, and I love my country.  All without sharing a manipulative facebook status.  

A few more housekeeping items: 

I realize your kids may be your reason for living but I don't have any and I'm still breathing.  Does that mean everybody else's life totally sucks compared to mine or am I half a woman for not having grown a human in my body?  

Just because I'm 33 and not married doesn't mean I'm gay. (and if I were, why are shits given?)   It also doesn't mean something's wrong with me. It just means I am a student of human behavior and I haven't found a guy worth the risk of getting divorced and losing half my stuff.

I realize if I put up with more crap from men when I'm dating them I'd probably be married by now.  I also realize that I do not want to put up with crap from men like cheating, hitting, verbal abuse or controlling behavior.  This is why I haven't got an ex husband by now.  I'm like John Wayne toilet paper, I don't take crap off anybody.    

None of my friends are going to hell.  This includes the ones that gay, hindu, jewish, buddhist, watchamachallit-this week, and sikh.   God loves everybody.  Period.  It ain't over till everything's okay.

I'm pretty sure if Obama was a tyrant you wouldn't be able to post those memes talking about him being a tyrant.  In fact, I think you'd all be getting his haircut... 

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