Thursday, April 24, 2014

I'm pretty sure journalism is dead and fox has killed it

But I wanted to share my response to our local fox news' program's coverage of Cliven Bundy:

MeTo news@okcfox.comToday at 12:52 PMI guess I should preface by saying I don't have cable and I haven't watched TV news in general since the Bush Administration because it makes my blood pressure go up.  I recently acquired a new tv with an antenna for the purposes of watching storm coverage this spring and I happened upon your coverage of Cliven Bundy.  I was surprised at how positive it was.
You all were reporting on this guy like he was being abused and not suffering the natural consequences of ignoring a debt to the federal government (which he does not recognize) for 20 years.  Armed 'militia'?  They're going to put the women out front?  How can you put a positive spin on this level of crazy and still have the will to dress yourselves in the morning without shame?   This is not journalism.  I find it hard to believe that people watch this and take it seriously and I feel sorry for the people who do.
I am eagerly awaiting your reply, though, I don't expect to get one.
An irritated Okie who is going back to refusing to watch tv news,
Leslie Terrell

The offending piece:
"Cattle Battle"

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