Friday, November 28, 2014

Something to be thankful for this morning

This crazy bitch is not teaching school anymore. 

Now, this video is three years old. Yes, it's three years old.  I'm bringing up something Sally Kern's crazy ass said three years ago.  It brought something to my attention that I didn't know though, that Sally Kern used to teach school.

You heard that, Sally Kern used to teach school.

Children were subjected to this woman for 20 years?  20 years?  She has a degree in sociology?  Seriously?

She may be spewing her venom in the state legislature but at least innocent captive children are not being forced to listen to her talk about how I can only assume she believes that black people were better off under slavery.


Now why Oklahoma City keeps electing her to the state house, God only knows.  I suppose Oklahoma deserves her because we keep electing her.  I don't live in her district, by the way, but at least now the people being subjected to her bullshit had a choice.

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