Friday, April 10, 2015

Adventures in Cowardice

So it's Friday night and I keep hearing a strange groaning noise that sounds a little like talking outside my bedroom window.   I lie still in bed, straining to understand what I'm hearing.   The light is already on, so the creeper method of letting the boogie man know I'm aware of him by suddenly turning on the light is out.

I can't understand why the dogs aren't barking.   They're useless.  They're fired.  I'm going to go get new ones.  I start thinking it's the wind rubbing tree limbs on the roof.   Finally, I make the decision to get up and look out the window when I realize something...

The sound is coming from inside the house!!!  At this point, I'm completely confused until I see it....the source of my late night jitters.

My snoring dog who growls and apparently mumbles in English in his sleep.

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