Wednesday, April 22, 2015

To overshare....

Isn't Tigger sweet?
It's that little button next to the arrow
and that freckle looking thing below
I was pretty scared yesterday.   I had two moles taken off  my neck because they were changing, and I found out that 1 cm bolt on the side of my head was actually quite large.  I think I may actually miss it compared to the neck hole I was left with.

The neck hole I have there right now.

Just to throw this out there and clarify, it wasn't the terror inducing festival of fear and stitches and pain pills I was expecting.   Moral of the story? Sometimes the fear is worse than the event itself.   I find the anticipation generally is worse than an unpleasant event.    (It was still a pretty good chunk of skin.  If you're wondering, they only dig it all out and suture you up if it's cancerous.  This is great, because shaving it off--literally--involves a lot less digging around and slicing and dicing of skin and whatnot) 

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