Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Merry Christmas

Reposting this from my facebook page since it's been reshared several times:

Just a gentle reminder. Christmas is not a weapon. I repeat, Christmas is not a weapon. I had a friend tell a story on here tonight about someone basically shouting Merry Christmas at her at the store (an employee, no less) like he was daring her to react.
Here's the deal, guys. That is not nice. It is not spreading the gospel. It makes you a mean small minded person who is embarrassing Jesus with your pettiness. No one is threatening Christmas. No one cares if you say merry Christmas. Absolutely no one will be offended, provided you aren't turning it into a threat. If they are, I guarantee it's not about you. Something happened to them that day. Some creep reacted badly to them not being Christian and they're being defensive, someone tripped them at the mall, a nun cut them off in traffic, something happened that had nothing to do with you saying merry Christmas. Take it with a measure of grace, smile and go on.
At the end of the day, be kind. Let your light shine and don't show your ass. It'll be a better sales pitch than growling at ladies at the hardware store for sure.

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