Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Men like that

I've known men like Donald Trump all my life.   They're the type of guy who gives you a hug without asking, that you gracefully remove their hand from your ass while subtly backing away from to avoid a fight.  Confronting them, in a social setting, doesn't really do anything but ruin your night.  For the most part, you can ignore them and just walk to the other side of the room.    The men think they're okay, because they don't notice the sleazy stuff they do.  Either that, or they pretend not to.

Men like Donald Trump are pleasant enough.    They're someone you acknowledge in public or invite to a party because they're so thin skinned and sensitive that  you'll hear about if you don't.  If you're a woman, you don't take a drink from men like that.  You don't let yourself be alone with them.  You might not even realize it.  For the most part, you just stay away from men like that.   As long as they aren't running for President.

Guys like that shouldn't be President.  

But Leslie!!!   John Kennedy was a womanizer.  (That's sixties code for man-whore.)  Bill Clinton had an affair!   So did Franklin Roosevelt.   You know what the difference is?   This isn't the sixties.   It isn't the 90s.   It's definitely not the 1940s and Eleanor Roosevelt took her own mistress after FDR's affairs so that one was a little different.  After Bill Clinton's shitastic behavior, ruining a pretty good presidency, we had to have 16 years of Christian men in actually monogamous relationships to get that taste out of our mouths.   As far as I know, despite seeming to be a total imbecile puppet of Dick Cheney, W didn't step out on his wife.    I'm pretty sure Michelle Obama would EAT her husband for lunch if he pulled that on her and I know we'd have heard about it if he'd stepped out on her.   (We hear about it if he smokes while doing the most stressful job in the world, if he farts in public, etc etc, I'm sure infidelity would be front page news.)

But really, guys, here's the thing:  Bill's not running.   Hillary Clinton is running.   She also isn't married to a guy who likes to  walk into dressing rooms at beauty pageants unannounced and likes to talk about grabbing women by their crotches.    If she did that, I guarantee you she wouldn't be leading him in the polls.

I've known men like that all my life.  Nothing is ever their fault.   Nothing.   They crumple like tissue paper at the slightest criticism.  If people don't like them, it's a conspiracy.  It's because they're a white man.  Of course it is.  If they weren't white men, people would give them the respect they deserve.  If they lose an election, they're pretty much going to incite a riot for the first time in American history over election results.  Because why?  Because if they can't have it, they're going to burn the whole place down.   They would rather kill their wife than see her with someone else.   They would rather burn the country down than see someone else lead it.   If they don't meet their financial obligations, it's not because they're bad at their jobs or bad businessmen, it's because they weren't satisfied with the work.  If their ex wife says he grabbed her by the hair and raped her because he was mad about a cosmetic procedure he had done, well, that's her fault too.  Probably for marrying him.

I've known guys like this my entire life.  Men like this aren't fit to be President of the United States.  It's a brutal job.  People don't like you and they haven't even met you.  Put a thin skilled bully with an admiration for Kim Jung Un in the Oval Office and we're going to have to make America great again, because he's going to burn it to the ground.

You probably need a woman with a cool head who can smile and hug her husband on tv after he does a shitty thing like have an affair with a 19 year old intern and lie to you about it while you're living in the Nation's biggest fish bowl instead, don't you think?

For the record, I'm not saying Donald Trump would kill someone for leaving him.   I'm saying that men like him HAVE killed someone for leaving them.   It's also why people come out after stuff like isn't taken seriously and talk about their ex boyfriends literally grabbing them by the "pussy" and carrying them out of a club.  Most people don't want to think about men like that doing things like that.    Why?  Because good men don't do things like that, and if you're trying to convince yourself that a bad man is a good man because you don't like who he's running against, you have to do some serious mental gymnastics to ignore things like that.

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