Tuesday, September 25, 2012

morning after

Glad to say I am not walking funny this morning doing this video last night.  Yea!

Seriously, I was worried I'd  be walking crooked after all that.   I can feel it in my upper arms and a little bit in my stomach muscles, which is good.  Yoga for me is a nice combination of cardio with a spiritual twist. I like to do it prior to evening prayer or compline.   (I didn't do either last night, probably should have considering I was a raging wildabeast of mean yesterday.)  The whole combination opens me up spiritually and makes me feel better over all.   Plus, I'm pretty sure this also counts as strength training, since I spent a lot of time in that thing they call 'plank position' and stuck one leg in the air a lot.  

Yeah... I don't know if I could ever do this stuff with other people.  

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