Monday, September 24, 2012

Day 1

Today I used Bob Harper's Biggest Loser Weight Loss Yoga dvd for the first time.   I like the way it lets you select which sections of the dvd to use and design your own sequence.   That being said, my feet were on fire for part of it and I'm pretty sure I was sweating before the warm up was over.   I liked it.   I am taking a long hot bath tonight with a glass of Moscato.   According to I have 406 calories left today that I'm not going to eat.

Note: I have been doing Yoga since May and I have always, always, always been a flexible fat person.  I can touch the floor without bending my knees.   I have been doing yoga dvds (not this one) in conjunction with physical therapy exercises to get my ugly ankle well.

Starting point: 292 lbs