Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Lord have mercy upon us

and incline our hearts to keep this law. 

Yesterday was a complete, total, epic failure.   Seriously.   Shopping, 'paying bills' (dear god please click on the damn ads) and it being MONDAY took it's toll.

Today was better.  Work was better.  I didn't overeat and I didn't eat out.   I wanted to.  I didn't.  Good thing, because I have no money leftover.  Annnd I just did the abs portion of the biggest loser weight loss yoga dvd.  Huzzah!    I deserve a moscoto and some sociable crackers with red pepper humus.  Or maybe greek yogurt    I haven't made up my mind.  Right now I'm too busy letting the body process what I just did to.

Anyway,  pre-post work out indulgence results:

GoalFoodExercise= Net
18501595- 419  1176

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