Thursday, June 20, 2013

Butter Coffee

I can't believe I did this but I put butter in my coffee this morning.  I'm pretty sure I've lost my mind.   It started out with me coming across the idea on someone's facebook feed or something and I ran into a thing about the Paleo diet (pretty sure that's an idea on par with Atkins, but whatever) and bullet proof coffee.  No, I didn't put MCT oil in it.   I don't know what that is (still don't know after finding a place to buy it) and I don't have any.   I will say this:  I'm drinking coffee with no cream OR sugar in it and that's a BIG deal.  I don't do that.

Picture of my insanity:
Oh yes, I did it just that way. 
This is what it looked like: 
I won't say it's amazing but it does taste good and it's highly drinkable.  Even for me, and I don't like black coffee.  I like a  little coffee with my cream and sugar.   I don't know if my butter is from grass fed cows. I hope so, the poor cows are healthier that way.  No idea.  It is unsalted.   And it's not upgraded coffee, it's Fair Trade coffee from Aldis. 

I'll let you know if it's 'bullet proof' but keep in mind I'm on Alive vitamins and I keep guarana supplements in my desk drawer at work. 

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