Friday, June 21, 2013


I sell insurance for a living and I constantly tell my customers that Progressive will give them a discount for not 'driving like me'.  I decided to try it and see if I'm as bad as I say I am.

So far my biggest problem is "Hard Brakes".   Hard brakes result in the machine beeping at me.  My problem with this is that even when I'm a good girl and don't slam on my brakes, it thinks I am becaus I have to brake to take the car out of PARK.

So I'm still at  "Oppertunity", code for "you loser!"

Hard Brakes

Info Image
Tips Close Image If you decelerate faster than about 7 mph/second, it counts as a hard brake.
Braking Symbol
Tips Close Image
  • Tip 1:

    Be prepared

    Take care of things like choosing a radio station and programming your GPS before you pull into traffic, so you can focus solely on driving.
  • Tip 2:

    Follow with care

    Give the driver in front of you at least 3 seconds of following distance—and increase your distance when the roads are slick or icy.
  • Tip 3:

    Bonus: Protect your brakes!

    Having an excellent braking score can lengthen the life of your tires and brake system parts—and conserve fuel. That’s bigger savings for you!

Averaging 6.2 hard brakes per 100 miles. Traffic jam? Happens to all of us. Really.

Road Chart

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