Monday, September 16, 2013

Just because this Putin/Syria thing has been driving me nuts and I'm too lazy/busy to do a real post.

For some reason I don't understand myself, I have been watching documentaries on WWII for the last two days. After watching interviews with Himmler's granddaughter, I'm going to watch something less disturbing: Ghost shows!!! yea!#whydoIdothistomyself
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  • Joy  I hope everyone who watched at least wondered about history repeating itself -- and really pondered the whole Syrian issue. Although I don't think Syrian's president is another Adolph Hitler, no one thought Adolph Hitler was either - at first. But ending up in another war is certainly nothing any of us wants to do.
  • Leslie Terrell Well, it was about the effect on the children of Nazi war criminals. It's totally... horrible and bizarre to watch Hoess's grandson crying at Auswitz in front of a room full of Jewish Holocaust survivors. What's going on in Syria is disturbing. I'm hoping it can be resolved diplomatically. Never thought I'd be saying Thank God for self interested Russians stepping in....
  • Joy  The Russians certainly have an agenda - can't say their motives are in sync with our own. Stalling for time sure gives a lot of leeway to hide what you don't want the world to see.
  • Leslie Terrell Oh they have an agenda. That's their ally and they have military bases in their ports, I think. Anyway, it's a strategic point they need access to and it would mess with their lives if the area got tied up in a war. It is a civil war and we know those need to be resolved internally. I would think if they needed to hide what they didn't want the world to see they could have done it right after they gassed those folks and the news got out. They've had plenty of time ALREADY. I think having everyone staring at them with malicious intent might clean up their acts a little bit.

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