Friday, September 20, 2013

Not always what you think

Yesterday was"interesting" to put it mildly.    I found out that they're not kidding about how strong oregano essential oils are... it took two hours for it to happen but getting heavy handed with the stuff is probably what made me puke.   I puked at work.   Always an adventure.   Then I came home and added to the garden and my hair.   This in the middle of answering a text about a down payment on a policy that had likely already "agent vswept" itself.  

Several hours, a little sleep later I'm attempting to put away laundry and I notice a large wet spot in my bed.  It is the size of one of my dogs.   At that moment this only horrified me.  I thought it was pee.  How much liquid could one dog hold?   Why would this happen?   Were they sick?   I am suddenly very grateful for the sheets I never use because they're a little small with the mattress pad----which is soaked.  My mind is blown.

The mattress is also wet.  How? Is the roof leaking?   It doesn't stink and it has no color.   Having no other real choice at that point--it was late--I mix up some vinegar and orange oil and hose down mattress and pad.  After letting it dry I let in my piss reservoirs....err dogs..for the night and settle in.   It hits me.

It rained.   The dogs were wet.  I must have puked up my brains.  

It's not always what you think.

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