Sunday, October 6, 2013

A Follow up to Enid City Ordinances

Just in case you missed it, watch the end after the vote.

That actually happened.

Van Hooser then had the nerve to post this on Facebook: "This page has been deleted or moved"
He's since deleted it but basically he claimed the crowd wasn't cheering at their victory in having their bigotry confirmed.    Facts quickly revealed the truth and once we saw the video, I guess he figured out he was had.

Bill Shewey had a gay son who died in 2007.  I wonder why our mayor thinks it's such a great idea to vote down an ordinance that would have protected his child.   I'm going shut up about this now, since his other son is my eye doctor, a great guy, and someone I consider a friend.  I don't know how he feels about his dad's behavior the other night.   I hope they had a fight over it.

Ladies and gentlemen, pay attention to the folks running your city.     This is the kind of stuff they're doing. 

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