Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tipping point

So I'm at a point where I have to start dieting again.   I weighed myself yesterday and I am one bout of constipation away from 300 lbs again.   (299)

It's time to start logging food on myfitnesspal.com again and working out....just in time for hallothanksmas. 

Day one
The meter from the bike -to-nowhere from Day one.   You can see how far and how long on this one.  What it does't tell you is that I did one minute elliptical, one minute bike for the middle five minutes.  I've been feeling really crappy lately so I didn't want to push it.   I also walked around the block during my break and left my shoes in the car.  Yea me.  :)

Day two.  Time is gone but it was 20 minutes
From today, you can't see as much, but I did five elliptical and five intense biking in the middle of my 20 minutes.   This is different for me so forgive my fascination with circuit training.  I also bought Halloween Candy for the kids who come into the office and for my neighbor urchins.  And me.  Let's face it, I'm going to eat some of this crap.  Hence "HalloThanksMas".  

My break walks cause my ankle on my bad leg to have the muscles tense up and hurt but I figure doing it almost every day will help condition my feet to tolerate this stuff more.   

We'll see. 

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