Monday, November 18, 2013


I just slipped on cat vomit and almost fell on my ass on the kitchen floor.  I'm not sure which part was worse, the fear that I would fall on my ass or realizing the reason I had slipped was cat vomit.   Either way, let's just say I'm too hardened of a cat owner to crapping bricks and popping a valium right now.   Little surprises from my darlings always make the day go faster.  I also came to a surprising realization this week: I think I'm the only fag hag I know who's never let a gay man feel me up.  Seriously.   Everyone else has either had their friends squeeze their tits to see if they're *really* gay or made out with them because they're drunk or something... The instances of this happening to my friends has gotten much rarer as we've gotten older and gained more self esteem though.   Will the next generation be the one to resist being an expirement?  

I do think I know what made my kitties throw up.   Excessive grooming you say?  Oh no...  My kitties have cast iron stomachs.  Except when they find out about something Sally Kern or her equally evil husband Steve Kern are doing.    Yes, this makes kitties vomit.   Tigger can't stand Sally Kern.   She makes him sick.

Doesn't he look sick?   Sally Kern isn't evil in a vaacuum as it turns out.  She's evil with her mean ass husband "Pastor" Steve Kern of Olivet Baptist church in Oklahoma city.   He's throwing a hissy fit of biblical proportions (pun intended) over a play called The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told being performed in Oklahoma City.  (Click on that nice link and buy tickets.  You know you want to.)    He and his little friends in Oklahoma City have decided that they speak for all the Christians in the universe except those of us (myself included in his opinion I'm sure) who are going to Hell.

The part I take issue with most is this:
Finally, this play is openly offensive to Christians. The playwright intentionally mocks and
provokes Christians as it “retells the Bible from a flamboyantly gay perspective, beginning with
the Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden.” In addition, the writer calls Eden a “myth” and says the Bible is “absurd.” He has a right to be wrong in his opinion, but not at the taxpayer’s
expense and on city property. (Source)
See, here's the deal:  Fags are tax payers too.   Fags are Christians too. Fag hags are Christians too.  I'm sure some of the actors in that play have been baptized, which makes them, whether you like it or not, Christians.   The "pastors" who signed this letter have among them someone who makes Southern Poverty Law Center's Hate Map (Windsor Hills Baptist Church---he's a pastor emeritus.  I'm not sure if that's a poor man's bishop or what.) I'm sure it's an honor they are well please pleased with, but again, gay people are people too.   They're entitled to use public facilities and public funds and live in PUBLIC like the rest of us.  So here's the deal, Steve and Sally:  I'm provoked and offended by your defamation of other Christians and your hubris in speaking for us.  I can't say no one cares what you think because for some stupid reaoson Sally keeps getting elected in OKC , but there's quite a few us who can't stand you either.  

The show will go on.  It will happen and you can stand outside and freeze in the dark and pray for our souls if you want, but it will happen.  I'm fighting off the temptation to drop a Sicilian curse in this blog and hope the good Lord blesses you with lots of nice cold rain that night to stand in but I won't.  I  figure being you is punishment enough.

I hope Westboro Baptist Church shows up too so you can see who your peers are.

Here's an interview from the news so you can see the man himself .

Just in case you want to send this publicity loving man a love note, here's his contact information at Olivet Baptist church:

1201 NW 10th St
Oklahoma City , OK 73106
Phone: 405.235.4696
Fax: 405.235.4698

Keep it civil and use pretty language.   His secretary probably didn't do anything wrong and we don't want to scare her.  I couldn't find their home address.  Pity. 

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