Tuesday, January 14, 2014

God knows He's funny... a hitchhiking story

I know it can be very dangerous. I usually don't stop. The two times I did it was an extreme circumstance. Once was in college when it was dangerously cold and I saw an old lady (half my size) walking across a parking lot alone. It was 17 F and the wind was blowing so seeing her like that scared me. I roll down my window and ask if she's okay. She's hitchhiking back to Hydro. I lived in Weatherford Ok at the time, which is about ten minutes from Hydro. I demanded she get in the car, because I'm convinced she's going to freeze to death if she doesn't. The whole way back---and there was ice on the highway, this was dangerous for more reasons than picking up a hitchhiker, she tells me all about how God tells her who to hitch hike with. By the time we get to her home, I'm convinced she's completely nuts, but I'm glad she's not going to freeze to death. For some stupid reason she invites me into her house and for an even stupider reason (God knows what) I go in. Right there on her fridge, in her crazy lady hoarder stuff stacked to the ceiling apartment, in dry erase marker on her calender is "Pray against gay rights". I almost died. My best friend isn't straight, and at the time, my campus ministry I was a part of was nothing but gay men and straight women. She had no idea who'd given her a lift. I drove home that telling God he was hilarious and being quite grateful she wasn't a serial killer.


  1. I always said He has a sense of humor, just based on the fact that He made giraffes. But He often finds ways to make a pointedly funny prod or confirmation using our interactions with others, huh?

    1. I take comfort in the idea that I kept that poor little loony from freezing to death that night. I was one of the few people silly enough to be out. I didn't want to stay any longer or I'd have said something to her about that. I found out later that she was notorious for this behavior in Hydro and no one who lived there would pick her up anymore. Hydro, mind you, is about the size of Marshall....