Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Oh what is that cracking sound I hear?

It's hell freezing over.  The lake of fire just got covered over with ice and Satan and his imps are ice skating.  It happened:  The nasty amendment to my state's constitution defining marriage, the enshrinement of bigotry in our state constitution, has been over turned.  Don't break out the pink solo cups yet, it's not quite time for a gay Okie wedding festival, they get to appeal first.

Nonetheless, Hell hath frozen over.  In a move that was no surprise to anyone with an 11th grade education, it has been ruled unconstitutional because it violates the equal protection clause.  I figured out when I was 17 that once it became legal in one state the others would have to follow, because full faith and credit?  Equal protection?   This is America---where we have to have the obvious pointed out by a court before we'll do the right thing.

 Any nice gay couples want their names cross stitched on something?  I'll do it for free...


  1. This is the most perfect way of expressing this particular news. Love it!