Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Thought or Two on the "Shame the School in the Media" Trend

Let me preface this by saying that sometimes school administrators do some pretty ridiculous shit to kids.  I realize this.  I have an education degree and I don't work in my field.   There's a reason, and it's school principals. There's another reason, they're called parents.

But here's the thing: If your kid's daycare has a rule about no outside food and you break it... that's on you.  In this case, it was a two year old.  Two year olds don't get suspended from daycare, their parents do.   This is about your behavior, not your kid's.  Your kid didn't bite someone, you packed her lunch when you knew it was against the rules.  They were punishing YOU.   I used to live with a girl who was allergic to yellow dye.  Everything that came into our house that was intended for sharing had to have a label read.  If she ate yellow dye, her face would get covered in hives (admittedly a little funny given she was such a bitch, but that's another story) and if it was really bad her throat would close up (scary) and if she didn't get to a hospital or an epipen immediately, she could possibly die from it.  When she was say, a two year old, this would have been her mother's job.  Why?  Two year olds don't have self control.  A little kid with a peanut allergy may not recognize something as containing nuts.  They may want to be like all the other kids and their little brains may not process that something in that cheese sandwich could kill them.

So Dad?  Grow up.  You have a child. You broke the rules.  Grow up.

There were 118 comments on that article, most of them trolling on the school and talking about how ridiculous the world is.   You know what's ridiculous? Being dicks about rules that keep little kids safe in school from stuff that could kill them.  You want to make homemade cup cakes? Make them.  At.Home.  Take them to church.   Share them there.  Take them to the break room at your work.  Present them to the little children at a birthday party with their parents there to patrol little Johnny's allergy a little more closely.

I'm sorry someone's life threatening illness is inconvenient for you.  I'm terribly sorry you didn't get to send your pinterest cupcakes to school.  Boo-fucking-hoo.  You think it's ridiculous that someone got suspended over making a gun shaped piece of paper and pointing it at someone?  I get that.  You know what I think is ridiculous?  Twenty children being shot dead at their school and our country LOOSENING our damn gun laws.

Please remember that the schools can't fight back on this.  They can't comment on student discipline, it's illegal.  It's illegal like a private citizen owning an automatic weapon for mowing down herds of rabid deer or a zombie hoard for "home protection" should be.

Can we stop trying these cases in the court of public opinion?  We aren't hearing from the defense..

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