Thursday, January 22, 2015

Is it because they're women?

This is basically my "You've got to be shitting me look".  Make no mistake, it's not "Come hither", though, the recipients of it would frequently prefer that's what it was.  It makes a great profile picture for facebook, and I've been doing it for years.  It really is one of the great advantages to wearing glasses, looking over them.  It gets the point across beautifully. 

So the other morning I'm working out and watching "The Nightly Show".  They start talking about Bill Cosby.  I've been trying not to have an opinion about it because I haven't wanted to think about it. Mostly because it's Bill Cosby.  It's like finding out Mr. Rogers is a serial killer (he's not, and he wasn't a sniper either).  

Bill Cosby was the first stand up comedian I ever listened to.   He was respectable and respected.  He was like everybody's TV dad. I cried when his son was murdered.   Here's the thing though, it's not one woman, it's 35 of them.

Thirtyfive women are saying this guy drugged and raped him.  The story sounds like something out of Law and Order SVU.  He sounds like a serial rapist.  So why don't we believe them?  Is it because it's Cliff Huxtable we're talking about or is it because they're women?  To be clear, we're talking about rape.  No marketing deals are to be had.  There's no product line to be gotten from this.  Only suspicion, public scorn, and investigations into their character.   We don't treat any other crime like this.  Only rape.  There are 35 women saying he drugged and raped them.

So what's the deal? I don't want to believe it?  Because it's uncomfortable?  Is it that?  I hope so.  Otherwise I think this makes me a crappy feminist.

What do you guys think?

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