Monday, June 15, 2015

Scared yet?

Something occurred to me tonight.  I believe that hell exists but I have no fear of it.  I have reasons for believing hell exists.  A terrible dream that wasn't a dream when I was a teenager.  Some things that have happened since then.   I believe it exists, but it's lost any power over me.  

I love God for God's own sake.   It's not fear of punishment that motivates my faith and it never really has been. I remember early on, as a tween, reading scripture for the first time and thinking there was life in the pages.   Like a friend I didn't know I had was writing notes and passing them to me.  (We didn't have cell phones back then.  We passed actual notes.)  It was terribly exciting but it wasn't terrifying.   I believed, even then, that God was love, and there was nothing he would do to me that wouldn't come from that.  

What can hell do against that?     If God loved us enough to come down here, if God became one of us, and conquered death and hell, what can hell do that will take that away?  What can a little idiot like me do to screw that up?   What can you do? 

Are you, as I like to tell my customers I'm not when they think I have more say than I do about car insurance, that cool?  Is that stupid thing you said bad enough to come between you and God?  Are you that powerful? 

Of course we're not.   God loves us.  God loves all the devils in hell. (They are, after all, also his creation.)  There's not a thing they can do about it either.   Christ has won the argument.   It's over.  They just don't know yet. Twitching like a chicken with its head cut off.  

Who's scared of that?  

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