Friday, May 13, 2016

Potty police

I was going to restrain myself and not write about this, but this morning I saw a preachy post on the subject and now I just can't help myself.


You seem suddenly worried about ladies in public restrooms.   I don't know what you boys do in public restrooms.  I've always imagined it was some kind of macho man parts competition or something and that was the purpose of urinals.  I've never peed standing up so I don't understand peeing on the wall designed to be peed on.

Here's what happens in a ladies room.   You go in.  You pick a stall that looks the least like a biohazard possible.  (At least there are never cigarette butts in the urinals we don't use) We lock the door.  We pee.  We wash our hands.   Maybe put some lipstick on or rearrange the hair.  We leave.  

Never in this entire process do we, under normal circumstances, see anyone's genitals.   Never.  It just doesn't happen.  If someone opens a stall door we just waive and shut it really quick.  Still no exposure.

The only danger I've ever been in a ladies room was in Junior high when another girl was angry at me for calling her out for being rude to my friend.  I locked the damned stall door and waited on her to get bored and leave.   She was, by the way, another female who was born a female.

I have peed in the same bathroom as transgendered women. Nothing happened.  They looked a little nervous like they were afraid they'd be yelled at, but nothing happened.  I was not the frightened one in this situation.

If you think rapists, (who are normally law abiding citizens right?) are going to suddenly become more interested in attacking women in a restroom I have to question who you've been listening to.  We've been peeing in bathrooms with trans people for years. So have you.  Nothing happened.

My mother was spot on on this issue in her one comment about it.  I can attest that this is true. She did this far longer than any of us wanted her to.   She said to go to the restroom in public WITH your children whether they like it or not.   If you're worried about their safety, do this.   If you're not worried about their safety, do this. Until they're big enough to defend themselves, do this.  Why?  Because those perverts you're worried about don't care about the law.  They're rapists and perverts, guys.   So protect your kids.  Rapists and perverts don't like people who run in packs.  They don't want to attack people who are paying attention to their surroundings, and generally speaking, they aren't dumb enough to get between a parent and a child.

Rest assured, this isn't about trans people or public safety. It's about stoking fear of the other so people keep talking about that instead of important things.

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