Friday, June 24, 2016

Like a Boss

I read something this morning by a former Oklahoma State Senator that I admire, Andrew Rice. If you know anything about Oklahoma state politics, you know that's saying something.   This guy is a class act.  He's also smoking hot, but that's just a bonus.

He talked about what he calls "Savior politics".  Where a politician comes in with simple (too simple) ideas and promises to reign in an obviously corrupt system with no actual plan on how to do that. Senator Rice (Who I did vote for twice) points out that it's a fine idea if you're nine years old.  Optimism is great, as long as it comes with a healthy dose of pragmatism.  Basically, it boils down to the age old question:  How do you mean to accomplish this?

What exactly are you going to do?  Do you know what you're doing?

The thing is, America, we need a new boss.  The executive branch of our government has an opening coming up in January and we need to pick someone for the job.   Think about what you most admire about your boss.  Is it their personality?  That you like them all the time?  Do you want to have a beer with them?

If it is, I hope you don't have long term plans with your company, because those are not the important things in a leader.   Don't get me wrong, I do like my boss.  I don't expect her to ever read this, but I do like her.   But the main thing she's there to do is run the company I work for.  I need her to do her job so that I can continue to do mine and we can function as  company.  We're looking for someone to be President of the United States.  We need a politician.  We need someone to be ultimately in charge of our military.  We need someone who's going to have the nuclear codes and know when (please, Lord, never) to use or not use them.

Politicians lie sometimes.   Sometimes they change their minds.   They have to do really hard shit that they occasionally end up regretting.   These are the people we put in charge of murder robots, for God's sake.  I trust Hillary Clinton to be a moderate Democratic President.   That's what we're hiring her to do.  She's not going to be our drinking buddy. (Though I have no doubt she could drink me under the table.)   She's not our mascot.  This is not a personal relationship.  She's a politician who understands Washington because she's lived there or adjacent to it for her entire adult life and she knows how to get things done.  She's the exact opposite of thin skinned and God knows she's had to be.   People call her everything they can think of and she handles it just fine.

We need a new president.  Donald Trump isn't qualified.   Sanders is qualified but Clinton is more qualified and Clinton has won the primaries.   You think she's a bitch?   So what?  We need someone who can handle our lazy obstructionist Congress like a boss and not give a shit if they hurt her feelings.  Donald Trump (Who I deleted an entire rant about) is still upset over someone saying he has small hands in Vanity Fare magazine in the 80s.   We do not need that orange bag of man period to be armed with drones.

We just don't.  

We need a boss.

I think this is the best bitch we've got for the job who's actually applying for it.

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