Friday, January 25, 2013

ANEW REJUVENATE Mineral Facial Rinse-Off Treatment

As masks go, this one is pretty cool.

First:  Hands in goopy mineral goop free application.  Behold!!!


I noticed in the reviews on the webstore that some people had trouble with the brush.   I've used it twice and I haven't had any problem.  The instructions say to wipe the brush off when you're done and not use water.     I have to wonder if they wiped it off thoroughly and followed the instructions about water.    One user suggests switching the tube to off and hosing it down in VERY HOT water.  

I may have to try that if it goes cakeville on me.  I do, however, LOVE that I do not have to touch the icky clay mask.  That makes me happy.   I also like that it rinses off clean.  You do not have to scrub, soak, peel, or otherwise wrestle this stuff off your face.   Unlike the waterproof mascara Avon makes, it does not take an act of violence (or the right tool) to get this off your face.   The effect is cleaned out pores, skin feeling softer and tighter, and even though I wouldn't swear to it, I think my pores even look smaller.

Overall, I like it.  I will use it again.  I will also update this if it goes cakey on me. 

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