Sunday, January 13, 2013

On a natural high.

I have no idea how I managed to do this, but here's my end of the day summary:

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Calories Remaining
Goal Food Exercise = Net
1830 1468 - 811   657

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This was a normalish day with one or two exceptions.   Exception #1 :  I had to explain scripture to someone before I had my coffee.   Kind of a big exception.  I haven't done that in a while.   All I can say is gay men and tequila make me mouthy.  One in a good way, the other not so much.   Church was kind of awesome, I think because of the way my day started.   I was friendly and helpful and outgoing.   Which, if you don't know, totally isn't like me if I'm having a bad day.  

Exception # 2   I was craving exercise.  I totally fell off the wagon for two months.   This is kind of weird.  I went out to the backyard this afternoon, in thirty degree weather, and cleaned up about two grocery sacks worth of dog poop.  I'm an irresponsible pet owner, I know, there shouldn't be that much.  I don't have time before I leave for work though, not used to having anything much bigger than a cat in the way of dogs, and it's dark when I come home.  Lousy excuses.  I know.    I'm hoping to reshape my behavior this spring.   Funny, this didn't cure the need for activity.   Using trolling around the backyard for thirty minutes in delightful slightly below freezing sunshine will do it for me.  Not today.   

I spent thirty minutes doing what in my fat girl mind is circuit training.  Five minutes elliptical, five bike, on off, stopping to walk around for my angry ankle to get some circulation in it, drank half a pitcher of iced tea.    I'm hoping I still feel like a ball of awesome in the morning.  We shall see. 

I'm trying to wean myself off soda.  Mostly because it wreaks havoc on my foot budget.  Partially because I'm told carbonation does creepy things to your bones.  I don't know if it's bullshit, but it's added motivation.  I do know that diet coke is bad for my teeth.   For now, this is a want to not a half too because God knows, I'm making enough changes right now.   I've taken on selling Avon, I'm about to look into taking Zeal For Life Wellness and possibly selling that too, exercising more and trying to get healthy.  I think if I throw in giving up my aspartame addiction I might just go nuts and attack a cheese cake.   Which I may do anyway.  I love cheesecake. 

I'm also trying like hell to stay on top of my paperwork at the office, which, if I'm feeling better and healthier should not be a problem.   It should also ease my stress.  

If you're wondering what the heck I ate today to end up with such a low net calorie count, here's my food diary.  See!  Normal food.  No wheat grass or protein shakes or voodoo bars or air sandwiches. Not even anything branded....except the fruit loops.  Which tasted good. Yes, they did.   

BTW: If you're wondering what's in sausage stew, it's eckrich beef skinless sausage, squash, onions, bell peppers, tony's cajun seasoning, and rice.   Again.  Real food. 

Your Food Diary For:

Sunday January 13, 2013
Breakfast Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber Sat Fat
Best Choice - Whipped Strawberry Cream Cheese Spread, 0.75 Tbsp (20g) 26 2 2 0 0 1 Ico_delete
Coffee - Brewed from grounds, 1 cup (8 fl oz) 2 0 0 0 0 0 Ico_delete
Wheat Bread with Bulgar wheat, 1 serving 114 21 2 3 1 0 Ico_delete
International Delight - Coffee Creamer - Fat Free French Vanilla, 4 tbsp 120 28 0 0 0 0 Ico_delete
Add Food
262 51 4 3 1 1
Pilgrim's Pride - Chicken Tenders Cooked Without Oil, 3 oz (Three Strips) 68 0 4 16 0 0 Ico_delete
Bird's Eye - Steamed Broccoli, 0.5 cup 15 2 0 1 1 0 Ico_delete
Kroger - Medium Wing Sauce, 1 tablespoon 20 1 2 0 0 0 Ico_delete
Wheat Bread with Bulgar wheat, 1.5 serving 171 31 3 5 1 0 Ico_delete
Boursin - Garlic and Fine Herbs (Light) Soft White Cheese, 2 Tbsp. 80 2 7 3 0 5 Ico_delete
Add Food
354 36 16 25 2 5
Sausage Stew, 1 serving 438 34 31 14 1 12 Ico_delete
Add Food
438 34 31 14 1 12
Homemade - Sugar Cookie With Powdered Sugar Icing, 1 cookie 84 12 4 1 0 2 Ico_delete
Millville - Fruit Loops, 3 cup 390 84 3 6 3 0 Ico_delete
Add Food
474 96 7 7 3 2
Totals 1,528 217 58 49 7 20
Your Daily Goal 2,641 363 88 99 30 29
Remaining 1,113 146 30 50 23 9

Calories Carbs Fat Protein Fiber Sat Fat

*You've earned 811 extra calories from exercise today


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