Monday, January 14, 2013

SKIN SO SOFT Fresh & Smooth Sensitive Skin Facial Hair Removal Cream

Avon experiment continued:

I decided to give hair removal cream another try.   I know the other day I was raving about how happy I am with my skin in general right now but I do have a confession to make: I have wicked course hairs growing on my chin.  I sometimes reach up and touch my chin and feel like I'm touching the chin of a twelve year old boy.   I have decided not to take this lying down so when I start to feel like my Sasquatch ancestry is showing I turn to GIGI Azulene Wax 13 oz. (Google Affiliate Ad) (I use the less industrial version that you can cook in the microwave) for my eyebrows, upper lip, and girl goatee. 

Back to the depilatory cream.  I tried Nair in my younger days and was too horrified by the chemical smell, and once I got past that, the fact that it didn't work on my Sasquatch leg hair all that well, to give it much more than a passing thought.   I feel like at this point I should mention my chin is prone to acne and the occasional ingrown hair based boil...

Back to Avon.   I took a chance and ordered the Skin So Soft & Smooth Sensitive Skin Facial Hair Removal Cream.  I put it on my skin for two & one half minutes.  I smelled the smell of foul chemical death but the hair didn't come off.   I  gave it another go.  This time the hair came off---and my skin started to itch and feel a little chemical burny.   I doused it with hydro-cortisone cream and let it be.  It was a little red the next day but nothing to run off to the ER over.    It's still little dry and the hair is coming back in.   I find this problematic and not really worth it.  The good news?  The stuff is cheap.  $5.00 Normally $7.   Our friends at Nair and Sally Hanson and the rest would want more.

I'm going back to my microwave wax.  Judging from the product reviews on the website, I'd say this product probably works for some people.  If you have truly sensitive skin, or are just prone to crazy stuff happening on your face, I wouldn't do it.   It wasn't horrible, and it worked, but I think I putting hot wax on your skin and ripping it off is probably less traumatic to your face.    For one thing, the prickly tide rises slower that way.  You can still irritate the crap out of your skin but you'll do it less often.  If you slather hydro-cortisone cream on it when you're done (with either product), it lessons the effects tremendously.

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