Saturday, March 16, 2013

A General Disclaimer about Common Sense

I want to make something abundantly clear:  I have not drank the Kool Aid.    Just because I made my own laundry soap doesn't mean I'm afraid to use the Purex that's still in my garage.  I don't think it's full of toxic horrifying chemicals just because I don't know what all of them are by reading the label.   Everything is a chemical.  Air is full of chemicals.  Water is full of chemicals.  Sugar is full of chemicals.  Everything that is Gluten Free is still full of chemicals.   Earth is made of chemicals.

I don't think we need to be half as scared as we are.  I gave my doctor the Zeal Wellness canister and he told me some of the values were a little high but anything my body couldn't use I'd just pee off.   To me, that is awesome news.   It is the same kind of awesome news that my habit of taking four Benedryl to sleep last year wasn't going to kill me.  It gave me a medication hangover the next day, but it wasn't going to hurt me.   I still take my anti depressant because it levels out my moods.  It works for me.   I like getting healthier, but I'm never going to criticize someone else because they aren't doing it my way.

Yes, I make my own bread.  I do this because it's fun.   I do this because it tastes good.  I do this because to be honest, when I'm eating something, I feel better if I know what's in it to the farthest degree possible.   I didn't grow the wheat or mill the flour though.  Someone bleached part of the flour, and I'm still not worried about it.   Why?  Just because I don't understand something doesn't mean it automatically isn't safe.   Why did I make laundry soap?  It sounded like fun.  It looked like a way to pay very little for something I use all the time.  Same thing with the bread.   Have I mentioned I'm cheap?

I love most of the people reading this blog dearly because most of them are my friends and family.    Some of you are on gluten free diets for health reasons.  Good.  Do what makes you feel good.  Do what makes you better.  Good.  Some of you only eat pasta and Pepsi.  That's kind of gross and I wish you would eat more vegetables.  I know some of you are vegetarians.  Stay healthy and be practical about that.  Be practical about all of it.  Extremes are scary.   Trying to stick to only one brand or only type of music or only listening to voices that agree with you is not healthy.   I try to take the middle road on most things because that's usually where the truth is found.

Anyone who tells you different is trying to sell you something.

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