Sunday, March 17, 2013

A repost from my myfitnesspal blog: For all my big beautiful sisters

I posted this three years ago on .   Thought it was worth a repost.

I was reading another member's blog a minute ago and something they said hit me like a ton of bricks.   The gist of it was that people still saw her as obese even though she'd lost fifty pounds because she was still obese and she wondered if they wondered why a fatty would have so much confidence.    Pardon me, but what the hell?

 I was a big kid.  I was mocked in sixth grade for having boobs, an anomoly at that age with mooing cow noises.  After overcoming that trauma, I found my strength in speech and drama classes.  I was big, bold, and in my opinion, badass.  I had giant glasses and a big tush.  I guess I just didn't get the  memo that I was supposed to hate myself for wearing plus sized clothes.   I went through high school as a big girl, wearing clothes that showed off my chest and feeling good about myself.  I was a little shy with boys, but considering I wasn't interested in sex until I was 25 I don't think I missed out on much.

 My friends were big girls.  They had confidence.  They knew they were hot.  They knew that boys wanted them.  They didn't hold their heads down in shame at their fatness.  I'm wondering, and I've never figured it out, why it is so politically incorrect to put a good looking fat girl on tv.

Can somebody please tell me why I'm supposed to be shamed by the size of my body?  Is it the boobs?  People pay good money to get ones half the size of mine.  Is it not fitting comfortably into amusement park rides?  After riding a roller coaster for the first time a year ago, I'd rather have a cavity filled than do it again, thank you.   If it's the health problems that go with being heavy, that's my problem, not yours.

Look, if you're pretty, you're pretty.  You're going to be pretty fat and prettier slim.  Get a grip!  Walk with your eyes off the ground no matter how big you are.  It could be worse! You could be fat and ugly.  Yeah, it could a be a lot worse.  You could be a fat, ugly, bald woman.  Even if you are, it could always be worse.  You could be fat, bald, ugly and rude.  

Girls, please, get a grip!  Do this because you want to, not so people will like you.  If they don't like you now... they never will. 

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