Friday, March 15, 2013

Zeal Weight Loss Shakes

Okay, so I mistitled the last one.  I am not done talking about this. 

I got through yesterday without getting hungry.   I got through yesterday without getting hungry and I had two protein shakes, I didn't even smoothie them up, just milk and the Zeal Weight Loss shake, for lunch.   I ate two Kashi bars to maintain blood sugar, but I wasn't hungry.  It took three days, but I'm starting to believe the label on the bag. 

I have tried shake diets before.   I've done slim fast.  It didn't work too well.   I just ate crap all afternoon from the vending machine.  Yesterday was a little different in that I didn't *plan to work through my lunch.   It just kind of happened half way through the morning meeting.  I need to get caught up.  So I worked through my lunch and drank my lunch while I was doing it.

I then came home and ate my leftover beef fajitas (no grease, 400 calories for the whole meal) and took the dog for a walk.   It made my bad leg hurt so I put my feet up and then ten minutes later I did the exercise bike for 20 minutes.  The exercise bike doesn't put pressure on my bad leg.   After all this, about an hour and a half later I got hungry, so I made quaso and chips.   At no point in this process did I lose my mind and pig out.   I still had 400 calories left for my daily goal after all this.

I know I need to have at least 1200 net calories a day to avoid jacking my system up, so I'm going to stick to that, but this stuff is allowing me to be a lot more intentional about what I'm eating and I like that a lot.   If I have to think about it before I put it in my mouth, realize I need to eat something instead of just mindlessly reaching for a pile of sugar, then I'm getting somewhere.   Now to pay my bills and figure out if Leslie can go ahead and get the Zeal Burn supplements..


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