Sunday, March 24, 2013

In this my 32nd year...

I want to preface this by saying I never thought I would live this long.  I don't know why I just never thought it would happen.

What should I accomplish in my 32nd year on Earth?

  1. Since our Lord Jesus Christ caused most of the trouble he caused in his 32nd year I should imitate him in stirring up trouble.   Given that the whole messiah thing has been done and I can't pull it off, really, I think I'll just start a cult.   I should point out that a cult is just a religion before it gets tax exempt status. 
  2. I want to figure out how a person who yells at fellow staff and customers, does a bad a job, and less work than anyone else thinks she's going to last at another 'opportunity' with less bullshit.  I think that perhaps we do protest too much. 
  3. I want to make one guy rethink the idea that Democrats are idiots and liberals are evil.  I think I did that today.  We got on the subject somehow while I was filling out his paperwork and upon finding out that I voted for Obama twice (we were talking about crap the government does that just isn't right) he declared "Oh my, I believe I'm talking to a Democrat".  I replied that the Democrat just saved him $1400 a year on his insurance.  Go me. 
  4. Just once I want to do something completely insane that even my brothers haven't done. 
  5. Since Jesus also chose to wait until he was 32 to reveal his master plan, I think I shall also do this when I'm 32.  Once I figure out what it is, I'll let you know.  
  6.  My backyard needs a patio.  Seriously, no joke with that one. 
  7. More Joy
  8. Put off dying until we have a new priest at St. Matthew's in case I need burying. 
  9. Keep making stuff I always paid for before. 
  10. Help other people do the same. 
  11. Find ways to be counterculture without losing my shit and turning into someone who thinks everyone has to do things my way or they suck. 
  12. Be healthy. 
  13.  Go out more. 
  14. Spend more time with people I care about. 
  15. Spend more time playing. 
  16. Dorcas proof my backyard fence. 
  17. Become a better pet owner.  
  18. Find a non tacky way to let people know I'm actually okay with being single and childless/free because I am already a whole person without a man. 
  19. Find a guy as crazy as I am so I will have someone around here tall enough to get things off the highest shelf in my kitchen cabinets.
  20. Be a better neighbor.
  21. Freak out my neighbors by getting some friends to have evening prayer around the fire pit with me.  Nothing weirder than hearing people standing around a fire chanting perfectly in unison. 
  22. Do more "crazy" stuff.  
  23. Just say no to raw cookie dough. 
  24. One up my brothers on the wicked behavior thing in some way.  (Will not be easy.) 
  25. Consider replacing my fridge.  (It's slightly older than I am)
  26. Reconsider the things in my life I think I have to do. 
  27. I want to become more financially independent.  To facilitate this, please click on the ads on my blog. :) 
  28. Dance more. 
  29. Train the dog not to jump on me when she comes in with muddy feet. 
  30. Pray more. 
  31. Visit more places I haven't been in Oklahoma. 
  32. Come up with better ways to be snarky so people don't recognize it. 

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