Tuesday, March 12, 2013

And in conclusion (Zeal Protein shakes)

Today I had a good calorie day.   I have leftover calories to eat.    I ate the protein shake three times today, once for a mid morning snack, once for lunch proper, and once late in the day when I was feeling a bit peckish.  I think that may have been more white coat anxiety from meeting with the surgeon with the thin scrubs.   The surgeon who is, *gulp, very nice.    He actually asked me how tough I was.  Apparently he's going to give me a local, cut it open and pop that sucker out.

Exactly what I would have done in my kitchen if it hadn't have been my dominant hand.   Curse you, right handedness!!!   Or bless you, this way I'm not going to have to do that without drugs.

I never got hungrier than I normally get on a workday when I'm having a healthy week today.   This is saying something, as I'm a big girl with a healthier metabolism than I had in the past (Thank you Zeal Wellness drink), and I usually eat 300-600 calories meals for lunch and this thing was only 160 calories with the half cup of milk I put in it.   Again, I can't stress this enough, it tastes like cake mix batter.

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