Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Homemade Soap

I had another great experiment today.   I made laundry soap.   I used these nice folks' recipe.   I'm about to wash sheets with it. 

I used:   3 cups of borax
              3 cups of washing soda
              1 bar of Pink Zote soap

I could have used less and made a smaller batch but I shaved up my bar of Pink Zote before I realized how much more soap is in a bar of that stuff than there is in a bar of regular soap like the folks on the DIYnatural website used.   I decided to just make a triple batch because it was easier.

Pink Zote just out of the package:

Pink Zote Soap smells awesome, by the way.  I can't put my finger on what kind of awesome, but it smells awesome.   The first thing you have to do is take a cheese grater and grind it up.

After a disastrous attempt at using my blender to mix this stuff up with the borax and the washing soda, I ended up using my hand mixer in an empty Zeal wellness canister.    I ended up getting all the soap caught in the bottom of the blender, melting part of it into a mass, and spraying borax and washing soda all over my kitchen floors in the process.  And me.   My blouse will not need soap, lol, when it is washed.    

The hand mixer works MUCH better.  I would suggest, however, using the recipes original proportions for mixing because I over heated that sucker with half and I also wound up with a whole lot of soap flakes at the bottom of the second batch.   I poured all of this into a nice leftover folgers' coffee tub because it has an air tight lid.  A tablespoon is the recommended amount for a full load, two for extra funky loads.   A Zeal scoop holds two tablespoons by the way.  Instant measuring scoop.  

The finished product:

Edit:  My sheets smell great and the dirt stain the dogs put in my white afghan is gone.  Success!

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