Friday, April 5, 2013

Zeal Weight Management system

My Zeal Weight Management system came in the mail yesterday.   I took the "Burn" pill about 30 minutes before eating this morning and last night before dinner and I have one word to describe the feeling: Buzz.   Mild buzz.  Underlying energy just bubbling under the surface buzz.

Buzz.  I think this is a good thing.  I need to be productive today.   This morning I was back down to my pre-birthday / Easter binge weight.   I feel good.   I worked out last night.   There was also something called a "Cleanse" pill in the package.  I took one of those last night.   No urgent need to freak out and call the doctor yet, so it must be as non-scary as the packaging makes it sound.   I watched the work out DVD that came with it last night.  I think it has some very practical approaches to resistance/strength training and I may try it tonight.  My incision scar (which I'm sure I heartily freaked some of you out talking about last week) is pretty closed up and I don't think pushups are going to kill me.  At least not the number of pushups I can actually do.  Note: I can plank like a boss.  It's that whole bending the elbows thing that throws me off.  I need to remedy this.

I'm actually taking this diet thing seriously.  I should given I spent $196.00 on this stupid kit.   Please note this kit is replacing my lunch and my breakfast costs me practically nothing because I make homemade bread.  Call it my food budget.

Have a happy friday, people.  I'll let you know how it goes.

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