Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Putin on a Ritz

I found this on facebook.  Honestly, it just made my day because he's such a dicky dictator.  (No, I have no idea whose body that is, but this is hilarious) 

A few more thoughts on Syria:  Yes, Russia is self interested in this.  Yes, we are doing something Putin suggested. No, this does not make us a nation of pussies.  Our president is not showing weakness.   He is showing something we haven't had in the White House in a while before him, self control and good judgement.   This is called acting like a grown up.  Judging from the selection of clips on the Daily Show from last night, I have to say the media are not acting like grown ups about this.   

Why do we always have to be at war?   Better question: Why do some people always have to jump President Obama's ass?   I swear the man could eat a donut in public and they'd be talking about how he's promoting diabetes.   He could use one brand of toilet paper and they'd label it as a fascist act.   In this case, Biden stumbled into a way to prevent WWIII and they're acting like he just gave his lunch money to a school yard bully. 

Don't get me wrong, Putin is a bully.  He's a shit.  He's self interested.  But bombing Damascas is not a good Plan B to doing something this guy wants.  No one wants Damascas to be bombed, except maybe the people who make bombs.  Who cares who came up with the idea?  It's a good one.   

Assad, no one is taking their eyes off you.   We ARE the United States of America.  Military force is NEVER off the table.  Because we're kind of like that... 

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