Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What is that smell ?

It's BULLSHIT.  Jim Inhofe's, specifically.

Senator Jim InhofeThe ruling yesterday by Judge Kern on Oklahoma's constitution regarding traditional marriage is just the beginning of more rulings Americans will see in the coming years where the federal courts overturn states' decisions that conflict with the Obama Administration's liberal values. This is because of Majority Leader Harry Reid's dictatorial move in November when he invoked the 'nuclear option.' His action eliminated the ability of the minority party in the Senate to have a voice and participate in their constitutional duty to advise and consent on Presidential nominations. As a result, the majority party can and is currently forcing judges through the confirmation process and placing them in federal courts across the nation to carry out their political agenda for decades to come. Oklahomans voted by 75 percent to define marriage in their constitution as between a man and a woman, and the state's rights and the will of Oklahoma voters should stand.

This piece of pandering trash appeared on Mr. Inhofe's facebook page.  While not a bold faced lie, sort of, he neglects to mention that Justice Kerns was appointed in 1994 by Bill Clinton. 

Be sure to tell Mr. Inhofe you're not a dumbass that as easily misled as he would like. 

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