Sunday, January 20, 2013

Avon Eyeshadow Primer

I love eyeshadow primer.   My first encounter with it was when I was selling Mary Kay years ago and I didn't think much of it. I thought less of it after a few days of wearing it when I developed a red line on the crease of my eye lid.  I stopped using it.   My skin is at the odd point where I do need a moisturizer, but I sweat... a lot, especially in the summer, and it seems to replenish itself rather quickly because I can scrap a layer a day off my lips.  EVERY day in the shower.  Hair grows fast, lip stains don't last as long as they're marketed to...  

Point being, I'm girl that makeup slides right off my face in the right conditions and with the wrong makeup.   I'm also a girl who loves eye makeup.  I have a blood vessel that shows on my eye lids from when I got bit by a fiddle back spider as a child too.    I need to wear base on my eyelids if I don't want that to show, even if I don't feel up to eye makeup.  I gave Avon's eye primer a chance on whim.  I had retried Mary Kay's eye primer and that red line came back.  I knew I needed to stop using it.  So when is saw the eye primer from Avon on sale for $3.99, I said "Why not? L'Oreal Eye primer that you like costs $12.00."  

I love the Avon Eyeshadow primer.  Love it.  It goes on smooth, comes in a nice open pot that you can control how much you get on your finger or applicator, and it makes my eye makeup stay on longer.   I didn't have a voice by the time Midnight Mass was over Christmas Eve, but my makeup still looked FABULOUS.  

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